Connecticut and Rhode Island Endorsements

Election Day is right around the corner. From governors and senators to local offices, many champions of working people are on the ballot today. Make sure to support candidates who stand up and fight for our rights!

Check out SMART Northeast Regional Council’s full list of endorsements for Connecticut and Rhode Island below.


U.S. Senate
Richard Blumenthal

U.S. House
John Larson for HD 1
Joe Courtney for HD 2
Rosa DeLauro for HD 3
Jim Himes for HD 4
Jahana Hayes for HD 5

Ned Lamont

Lieutenant Governor
Susan Bysiewicz

Attorney General
William Tong

Secretary of the State
Stephanie Thomas

Sean Scanlon

Erick Russell

State Senate
Saud Anwar for SD 3
MD Rahman for SD 4
Derek Slap for SD 5
Rick Lopes for SD 6
Matt Lesser for SD 9
Gary Winfield for SD 10
Martin Looney for SD 11
Jan Hochadel for SD 13
Christopher Robertson for SD 16
Jorge Cabrera for SD 17
Catherine Osten for SD 19
Martha Marx for SD 20
Christopher Green for SD 21
Julie Kushner for SD 24
Tim Gavin for SD 28
Eva Bermúdez Zimmerman for SD 30
Greg Hahn for SD 31
Jeffrey Desmarais for SD 32
Lisa Thomas for SD 35

State House
Edwin Vargas for HD 6
Mary Ann Hansen for HD 8
Tom Delnicki for HD 14
Jillian Gilchrest for HD 18
Kate Farrar for HD 20
Rebecca Martinez for HD 22
Gary Turco for HD 27
Amy Morrin Bello for HD 28
Rose Aletta for HD 32
Brandon Chafee for HD 33
Nick Menapace for HD 37
Christine Conley for HD 40
Ashley Gillece for HD 43
Derell Wilson for HD 46
Dave Nowakowski for HD 47
Christopher Rivers for HD 48
Wes Skorski for HD 55
Kevin Brown for HD 56
Matthew Despard for HD 59
Jane Garibay for HD 60
Kimberly Becker fo rHD 62
Ron Napoli for HD 73
Andrew Rasmussen-Tuller for HD 77
Mary Fortier for HD 79
Christopher Poulos for HD 81
Jack Fazzino for HD 83
Mary Mushinsky for HD 85
Rebecca Hyland for HD 90
Moira Rader for HD 98
John-Michael Parker for HD 101
Kara Rochelle for HD 104
Robin Comey for HD 102
Phoebe Holmes for HD 107
Farley Santos for HD 109
Bob Godfrey for HD 110
Treneé McGee for HD 116
Mike Smith for HD 119
Phil Young for HD 120
Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox for HD 123
Sarah Keitt for HD 134
Anne Hughes for HD 135
Ken Gucker for HD 138
Dominque Johnson for HD 143
Corey Paris for HD 145
David Michel for HD 146
Matt Blumenthal for HD 147



U.S. House
David Cicilline for HD 1
Seth Magaziner for HD 2

Daniel McKee

Lieutenant Governor
Sabina Matos

General Treasurer
Stefan Pryor

Secretary of State
Gregg Amore

Mayor of Providence
Brett Smiley

State Senate
Dominick Ruggerio for SD 4

State House
Joseph Shekarchi for HD 23